Just a quick whizz through my food today as I have a cool survey so you can find out more about me. For my breakfast today I had a massive bowl of Shreddies. I just seemed to keep pouring and pouring until the bowl was full! Maybe I need to cut back a little on my cereal intake as I nearly couldn’t finish it!! No picture as I’m sure you all know what a bowl of Shreddies look like!

For lunch I had something a bit different to what I usually have – Ryvita wafers with cheese slices and tomato. After my carb fest yesterday I wanted something really light for lunch. I had four wafers with half a slice of Danish cheese on each and two slices of chopped tomatoes.

It was a really nice lunch, even though the cheese had sweated a bit! It was nice and light and I had room for the rest of my lunch – a banana and a pot of mixed nuts and raisins. I feel like I’m being really repetitive with my lunch, but the banana / nut combo really works for me. Apologies if you are tired of the same thing!

For dinner I made Butternut Squash Risotto. Last time I made this I didn’t roast the butternut squash pieces for long enough and Tim complained that they were too hard. So today I made sure they were perfectly roasted! I was really pleased with it today as the rice was nice and creamy. It was really filling though, maybe the rice still expands in my tummy!

So onto the survey – I found this on Hillary’s blog and thought that I would steal it for myself – thanks Hillary! I love doing surveys as   I think they are a great way for others to find out little snippets about me. This will be my second survey on here, the first can be found here.

Favorite cookie?

White Chocolate and Macadamia from Ben’s Cookies – they serve them just warm….delicious!

Favorite way to eat oatmeal?

With raisins and almonds mixed in and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Favorite snack?

I have a new found love for 9 Bars! I need to stock up on some more.

Favorite sandwich combo?

Tuna, sweetcorn and mayonaise with cucumber slices and lettuce.

Are you a vegetarian?

No way, I love my meat way too much! I do try to eat vegetarian once in a while as I do think that too much meat is bad for me, especially red meat, but I could never not eat meat again….think of all the roast dinner I would miss out on!

Favorite vegetarian product?

I don’t really eat vegetarian products like tofu or tempeh…….maybe couscous if that counts!

Favorite yogurt?

I love Tesco’s Fromage Frais, so creamy, but I also like the luxury yogurts, especially the strawberries and cream flavour.

Favorite fruit?

Tough one….bananas, apples and strawberries are all on an equal footing here!

Favorite dried fruit?

Not a big fan of dried fruit so I would say dried cranberries / craisins. They are great added to baked goods!

Favorite veggie?

Another tough one, I love nearly all veggies (except for carrots…eww!) but I especially love courgettes, mushrooms and butternut squash.

Favorite comfort food meal?

Anything with pasta! It is quick and easy and I can add my favourite comfort ingredient to it, cheese!

Favorite restaurant?

We don’t really eat out a lot but I do love going to Bella Italia as they have a great range of pasta and pizza dishes and some fab desserts.

Favorite beverage?

You can’t beat a nice cool glass or orange squash in the morning – I’m such a child!

Favorite way to take your coffee at home?

With milk and preferably a slice of cake on the side!

Favorite cracker?

Not majorly into crackers…..do Ryvita’s count?

Favorite dessert?

The toughest question of them all! I love: cheesecakes, crumbles, ice cream, anything chocolately or lemony….the list goes on!

Favorite condiment?

Definitely sour cream, I love piling it onto my plate when we have chilli!

Favorite way to eat tortilla chips?

With tomato sauce, jalapeno peppers and a lot of cheese melted over the top a.k.a. Nachos!

Favorite fast food restaurant?

I really don’t t eat fast food but I suppose Subway probably counts towards this. I only have this about once a year, if not less!

Do you watch the food network?

Nope, I can’t get it on my TV…probably a good thing otherwise I would be glued to it all day!

Favorite food network show?

See above!

Favorite salad combo?

I love a good Caesar salad, not the best for you, but grilled chicken and bacon with salad are a match made in heaven.

Favorite bagel?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese – so posh!

Do you like cream cheese or peanut butter on your bagel?

Definitely cream cheese.

Favorite bar?

I don’t go out to bars really as they aren’t my cup of tea but I do like relaxing in pubs with a cold drink and good company.

Favorite peanut butter?

Anything crunchy.

Favorite almond butter?

Have never had it (shock, horror!)

Favorite cereal?

Another toughie….I love oats, hot and cold, but also love granola, Shreddies, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat….our cereal space is packed!

What milk product do you use on your cereal?

Semi-skimmed milk

Favorite nut?

Brazil nuts, especially covered in chocolate!

Favorite candy?

Not a big lover of candy, much more prefer chocolate in any shape or form!

Favorite ethnic food?

Indian, I love a good curry.

Favorite tea?

I hate tea!!

Favorite indulgence?

Chocolate for sure! I usually pick a Galaxy bar as it is so creamy.

Do you like margaritas?

I’ve never had one!

Do you like pickles?

Nope, disgusting!

Are you into spicy food?

Yes, definitely. I don’t like really really spicy things but a bit of a kick is fine with me.

Favorite way to eat a banana?

Au naturel – normally!

Favorite way to eat an apple?

In a crumble or pie!

Favorite apple variety?

Golden Delicious

Are you good at eating with chopsticks?

No, horrendous!

Favorite fruit juice?

Orange (no bits!) or mango and passionfruit Innocent smoothie.

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Gin and bitter lemon / Gin and tonic.

Favorite tropical fruit?


Hands down favorite food ever?

How can I choose, I love so many things! I’m such a foodaholic!

I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about me. Do fill the survey in for yourself, it would be great to find out about your food loves too.