I’ve had such a busy day today so am really looking forward to relaxing tomorrow. I started  my day with a yogurt bowl as I had the last of my fromage frais to use up. In the bowl was: a banana, 1/3 cup raw oatmeal, 3 tbsp fromage frais and 2 small handfuls of flaked almonds. This was the second time I’ve had this concoction and it was even more delicious this time! Raw oatmeal is so nice, you should definitely try it.

I then met my friend in London to visit Kew Gardens. She lives really near it and has been going there since she was small. I keep saying that I wanted to visit but everytime we decide to go the weather is always horrible. But today the weather was fab! It was a bit overcast this morning so I took my coat and scarf with me. I really didn’t need it come the afternoon as the sun was blazing. So I had to carry my coat, cardigan and scarf around with me all day! It’s better to be prepared right?! I really enjoyed looking round the gardens though, they were so tidy and beautiful. Here are a few of my favourite pictures I took today (I was such a tourist and took loads!)

The best part about today was our lunch – we had a picnic! Before we entered the gardens we popped to Tesco to get our supplies. Isn’t it great that they let you take your own food in?! It was a bit annoying having to carry it round but it was so nice eating outside. For our picnic we got: 4 bread rolls – two wholemeal, 2 seeded – a bag of Babybel Light, a tub of cherry tomatoes, two packets of crisps, a little pack of ham and a stack of three low fat hummus’.

Our lunch!

I had the Red Sky crisps – bacon and cheddar flavour, one wholemeal roll with ham and a babybel crumbled on, another babybel and about half the cherry tomatoes. I also dipped some of my bread in the hummus. It was just the right amount for me and I didn’t feel too full afterwards.

Then after a short break we had our dessert – strawberries. Oh I love them so much!

They were so fresh and delicious on their own. I had about half of these but they filled me up really quickly……odd! After the picnic we walked around a bit for another 2 hours enjoying the sights and talking. My friend had to meet her boyfriend at 6pm so I left at 4pm and took the long journey across London back home.

On the way back I got really hungry and really wanted food! Luckily we had already decided to get takeaway pizza so we wouldn’t have to cook this evening. A very important football match is taking place as I type – ENGLAND vs USA, there’s no time to cook! As soon as I got back we drove to Livetta’s Pizzaria (about 5 mins away) to get our dinner.

Got to get home quickly!

This is right next to a station and is so busy. We ordered the Polanetta pizza – tomato and mozzarella base with chicken and sweetcorn, and I asked them to put mushrooms on my half – got to get in the extra veggies and we also got a garlic bread pizza thing! Here’s my first portion:

Two slices of the pizza and 2 of the garlic bread, which was actually really garlicy! The pizza itself was delicious, I love sweetcorn on pizzas. I went back for another slice of the pizza, about the same size as the one on the right. I was stuffed afterwards! Now we are watching the football, well I’m half watching it whilst I blog! At the moment it’s half time and 1 – 1, I wonder what the final score will be????