Today has been quite an ordinary today for once! The only odd thing has been the weather – boiling hot and sunny one minute, chucking it down with torrential rain the next!! Anyone get caught in a random rain storm? I did at lunchtime running from the post office back to work. My shoes got absolutely soaked! So why was I at the post office….to post a parcel to Faith, the winner of my giveaway.

I hope it gets to America in one piece and doesn’t get lost!! Let me know when it gets there!

So onto my eats today, I feel like I’ve had a well balanced diet today. Still no exercise though as I decided to have 2 days off after the 5k I did on Sunday morning. For breakfast I wolfed down a massive bowl of Shreddies. Tim asked me to give him a lift into work as it was raining hard so I had about 20 mins to have breakfast and get myself ready, luckily I had already made my lunch! I have no idea why I had so many Shreddies but they did hold me over really well!

There is just something about cold milk and cereal in the morning that I really love! I often go to bed thinking about breakfast and how great it will be – very similar to Hillary actually!! It’s good to know that someone else feels the same way about the greatest meal of them all!

After my excursion to town and getting caught in the rain I was definitely ready for my lunch. As usual it was a chicken salad sandwich – mayo, chicken slice, cucumber, tomato and romaine lettuce on wholegrain seeded bread – a banana and a little pot of mixed nuts and raisins.

I was actually not too hungry after this and managed to get through the afternoon without craving any chocolate! I was getting hungry as I was driving home and thought ‘it would be nice if Tim had dinner ready for me when I got in….oh that won’t happen as I’m sure he’ll be playing Fifa’!! But when I walked in the door I was pleasantly surprised, dinner was nearly ready! That was such a great thing to hear and it’s so sweet that he made it instead of spending time relaxing after work. Tim was making chicken curry – I love his homemade curry as it’s so much better for you than takeaway ones. Tonight he made chicken curry with chickpeas, tomatoes and pepper. But I really wanted to take some pictures of the process for you, alas he was too quick! So all I have of this meal is the massive Naan bread we bought and my portion.

Even though I took quite a small portion I am so full afterwards! I think it’s because I ate most of the Naan bread and that really fills you up. Tim got the end of my Naan as I couldn’t finish it – he always sticks around for that!

Before I go, here are a few more great things happening in blog world that you should definitely check out:

  • A fantastic giveaway on Lisa’s blog – there are so many great prizes to be won.
  • Anna and her husband are currently on holiday in Croatia – it is such a beautiful country and their fabulous pictures have really made me want to visit there.
  • Finally Emma has made a delicious Malteser Layer cake – you have to check out the gorgeous pictures and note down the recipe. She suggests that you should try to eat this cake within a day as it doesn’t keep well, this will be no problem for me!