Have you heard of that game Hungry Hippos? It’s a children’s game where you have a stationary hippo that ‘eats’ marbles when you press the lever. The person with the most marbles at the end is the winner. Well today I have felt just like a hungry hippo!!! The combination of my 5k run, waking up early and domestic chores must have really taken it out of me and I have been feeling hungry all day.

After my last post I was very busy, I cleaned our bathroom, changed the bed-sheets and dusted and tidied everywhere. This took about 1 and 1/2 hours so it was only 11.30am when I had finished. I spent the next hour catching up on all your blogs but the feeling of hunger was creeping up on me fast! I managed to make it to 12.30 before giving in and making lunch! It was so well needed. I made my first fried egg and cheese sandwich. These are BIG in the blog world and I have been wanting one for ages. Yesterday I bought some cheese slices (Danish ones to be exact – gotta love the Danes!) for the purpose of this very meal.

I also had some English muffins left over from my Red Grape Pizzas so I used one of those along with 2 eggs that I had left in the fridge. I fried the eggs on both sides for a few minutes – unfortunately the yolks broke on both of them (maybe because I dropped them from a great height into the pan!!) I split the English muffin and toasted it before lightly spreading it with tomato ketchup (yum!) I then layered an egg, a slice of cheese and the other egg in the sandwich.

It was absolutely DELICIOUS! I will definitely be having this again. And it is a great refuller after a run – protein from the eggs, carbs from the bread and dairy from the cheese (ok I know you aren’t meant to eat too much dairy but I love cheese so this was great!). As well as this lush sandwich, I also had a cup of coffee (love!) with some chocolate covered almonds. I made these with the remaining chocolate I melted yesterday for my muffin topping. They were so good – a little sweet treat!

I then had a very relaxing afternoon (I so deserve it after my hot and busy weekend!) – I watched another episode of Dawson’s Creek (from my boxset), picked Tim up from the station and watched the Men’s French Open Final. I also played the flute.I have been playing the flute since I was 7 and really enjoy it. I passed my Grade 8 with Distinction in 2005 and it was my first instrument at uni. Since I left uni (in 2008) I haven’t played it as much as I would have liked. I am so worried that I will forget how to play (!) but today I feel I was ok. I played for about half an hour before stopping due to the heat. Flute playing is very hard work in the heat!

For our dinner this evening Tim made French Onion Soup. It was absolutely delicious. This is the 2nd time that we’ve had it and it was even better this time! I helped out in the preparation process.I hope you like the pictures, I’ve just discovered a way I can put loads together! The best part about this meal is the toasted garlic cheese slices. You pop them in your bowl and they soak up all of the liquid. I had 2 portions of this as it was so good. Tim is such a great cook, I’ll have to feature his food more often!

French Onion Soup - Thanks Tim!

***Just to let you know, my giveaway is now closed and I’ll be picking the winner this evening. Check back tomorrow to see who has won!***