Its Friday, yay! I’m really excited as the sun is shining, I sent my publication to press this morning and the rest of the day at work will be very relaxed (I hope!) and I have a great giveaway for all of you to celebrate the weekend. This is my first ever giveaway so I’m really excited about it!

But first, onto a new idea of mine – Big Salad Friday. On Friday I usually have a lot of salad stuff left in my fridge from the week. As we do our food shopping on a Saturday, I replenish my veg stock then and usually throw away the soft tomatoes / wilting lettuce / end of the cucumber / old chicken slices that’s left. This is such a waste of food, just because I won’t make a salad on Saturday doesn’t mean I should throw it away. So this morning, as I did last Friday, I did a good job of using up the ingredients I had left. The main star of this salad was tuna and sweetcorn, mixed with some mayonnaise.

I also included a large tomato, some cucumber, four leaves of romaine lettuce (the best!) and extra sweetcorn in my salad. I really love the sweet crunch that sweetcorn has and it was a great addition to my lunch.


So from today, every Friday shall be Big Salad Friday where I use up my ingredients of the week. This will be a great way to get myself eating salads and challenge myself to create different ones. A lot of people think that salads are really boring, just lettuce and nothing else, but as we all know, salads are delicious! There is a never ending list of ingredients that you can throw together – chicken, ham, tuna, salmon, egg, tofu, tempeh…etc… If you want to take part, email me your pictures of your Big Salad ( and I’ll post them on here with a link to your blog!

Other parts of my lunch were: a pot of red grapes (left over from my Red Grape Pizzas) and two Custard Creams as my Friday treat! These are typically English – two vanilla flavoured biscuits sandwiched together with a custard fondant. They are Tim’s favourite biscuit so I go thim a pack for his birthday (so imaginative of me!) I hope he doesn’t mind me eating them too!

Ready for your close-up!

Now, onto my giveaway. This is the first giveaway I’ve hosted on CB&L and I’m so excited about it! The theme of the giveaway is relaxation. something that I hope to do this weekend. So what can you win…..?


I’ve put together a package that is focused on you sitting back, relaxing and enjoying life – perfect!

  • A pack of Twinnings Green Tea [Green tea is know for it’s relaxation and health benefits]
  • A Spa Body Set (with seaweed extract) – includes Body Wash, Body Mist and Body Lotion
  • x2 9 Bars – one original and one flax [these are so good for you]
  • 125g bar of Galaxy chocolate [my favourite chocolate, so smooth and creamy!]

To win this great prize, I would like to know how you relax after a long week at work. You can enter the giveaway two ways:

  1. Leave me a message on Twitter – @cookbakeandlive
  2. Comment on this post

This giveaway is open to anyone wherever you live, UK / US / elsewhere. I will close the entries at 6pm UK time on Sunday 6th June, then collate all the replies, Twitter and comments. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

Good Luck!