So today was back to work for me (boooo!) I hope you all had a great extra day off yesterday (UK – Spring Bank Holiday / US – Memorial Day) On Radio 1 yesterday they had a 10 hr takeover featuring the British Armed Forces. They linked up with the BFBS radio station in Afghanistan and the soldiers could request songs for their friends and family back home. I thought it was such a great idea and loved the fact that they were doing it on the same day as Memorial Day in the US – we were all remembering the great work the Forces do to protect us and bring peace to troubled areas. [Pic Source]

Yesterday was a very busy day. We drove back down from my parents house in the morning (where we had been for the weekend) so we could go to the gym. As it was a bank holiday the gym shut at 2pm (!) so we dashed back to get there in time.

Southbury Gym, Enfield

As it was quite cold and grey outside I wasn’t really motivated to do a workout but once I was there I got into the swing of things! It was quite busy (probably as it was closing early) but I did manage to grab a treadmill. I set it at 9km an hr and ran for 3km – it took 20.10 mins. I’m quite pleased as I was flagging around 2km but I pushed on and the last km wasn’t too bad.

My stats!

I also did the shoulder press, leg abductors and a selection of things on the mats – sit-ups, leg raises and stretching out. It was a great workout actually and I’m really glad I went in the end!

After a frantic afternoon of food shopping, cleaning and watching the very first episode of Dawson’s Creek (my friend has lent me the complete boxset as I’ve never seen it!) we went round to Tim’s parents house for a BBQ. Even though it was grey and overcast his parents still got the BBQ out. That’s the English spirit though, BBQ whatever the weather! It was a definite family affair with his dad’s best friend there and Tim’s brother and his girlfriend. Due to that there was SO MUCH food – massive burgers (I wish I took a picture as they were huge!), turkey breast, chicken wings, salad, baked potatoes, Israeli couscous and chips! I didn’t know where to start!

My plate

I decided in the end to have a turkey breast with salad in a seeded bun, a portion of chips and two spoonfuls of the couscous (it had peppers, tomatoes and spring onions in). I also had a large tbsp of sour cream and chives to dipping my chips in! I’ve very proud of myself as I didn’t have a lot of meat, I only had one portion and I didn’t go back for more chips! I did feel stuffed after this though and had to turn down the fresh fruit there was for dessert. It was a delicious meal and my first BBQ of the summer – roll on the next!