On Saturday it was our 4 yr anniversary. I can’t believe we have been together for so long….it only seems like yesterday that we were first years having fun and getting to know each other! I remember a friend who I don’t see too often asking me how long we had been together, I said ‘for a year’ but she thought that I said ‘four years’! I remember saying to her that I’ll let her know what 4 yrs feels like if we ever get there…and now we have! Even though we have had a few ups and downs along the way, I feel that we are stronger than ever. We are so close and have such a great relationship. We have so much fun together, which is important, and he always makes me laugh! I suppose this is a good time to tell you all his name – Tim!

Tim and I

Sorry for the soppiness of the beginning of this post, I’ll get down to telling you about our weekend now! We decided to celebrate our anniversary by  going shopping and then going for a curry – who said romance was dead?! We decided to go shopping in Milton Keynes as there is a great range of shops there. Tim had been saving up a lot of money for this weekend and he spent loads, more than me! I did a bit of shopping too, I stocked up on some basic vests and t-shirts, bought a pretty dress and 2 new pairs of shoes from New Look – they are so pretty!

New Shoes!

Now I can actually throw away my old pair that are falling apart, I must have had them for 5 yrs and I’m still wearing them…just!

Whilst in MK we walked past the Apple store there. The iPad was released in the UK on Friday and there were queues of people waiting to go into the store to buy one.

It was crazy actually, the store was packed and there was security on the door monitoring the flow of people! All this for a piece of technology. The iPad does sound like a great invention as you can use it on the go, in bed or on the loo! I think Tim really wants one but luckily can’t afford it!!

After our long shopping trip (and getting caught in a rain storm – we were soaked!) we went for a curry at the Alameda Indian Restaurant in Ampthill.

This has a great reputation and it shows as when we were in there there was a steady stream of people coming in to collect / order takeaways. The food was great! When we sat down we were given 3 poppadoms and a selection of dips:

I had one of these with some of the red dip. It was a little bit too oniony for me and I could taste the onions all night!

For our starter we ordered two portions of onion bargies. We didn’t realise that they would be so big! I only had 2 of these but really wanted more. They were seriously good, the onion was so crispy on the outside yet so soft and sweet on the inside. Tim had 4 of these!

For my main course I ordered chicken tikka korma. I was going to order something vegetarian / healthy but there wasn’t a great deal of choice on the menu. Plus as it was a special night I decided to go for something I knew I would enjoy. I also ordered pilau rice and a naan bread (which was huge!)

I ate half of the rice, about two-thirds of the curry and nearly all the naan, it was so moreish! The chicken was perfectly cooked and the sauce wasn’t actually too oily. We both got full quite quickly, maybe it was the onion bargies that did it!!

I really enjoyed our day, it was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. I think that Tim is planning a big celebration for our 5 year anniversary. He was talking about going on holiday somewhere which will be great!

What has been your favourite anniversary celebration? Do you celebrate in style or do something more personal to you?