This morning I was so productive (more so than usual if that’s possible!) and managed to get a lot of things done before I went to work – I am so working the domestic goddess look!. Behold my list:

  1. I was really craving salad for my lunch today so I put together a mammoth one. In it there was: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, chicken slices and a handful of peanuts, all mixed with a tbsp mayonnaise.

    Can you see the peanuts?!

    I had seen that Caitlin had used pecans in her salad yesterday so, inspired by her, I decided to give the nuts ago. I loved it! They added a little crunch to the whole salad and went really well with the chicken. I might make nuts a more regular addition to my salads – I think walnuts and pecans will work really well too.

  2. The second part of my lunch was a defrosted banana muffin.


    However, I decided to make it fabulous by melting some chocolate, spreading it over the top and adding chopped walnuts. Easy…..or not! Being in a bit of a rush (and craving breakfast!) I put the chocolate in a huge bowl over a small pan of boiling water. The steam sort of melted the chocolate but the majority of it escaped up the sides of the bowl! The end result was a half melted, lumpy chocolate that was quite difficult to spread on top of my muffin! Despite this I half spread / half squashed it on, then pushed in some chopped walnut pieces.


    Even though it didn’t turn out how I expected, I was quite happy with the end result. My muffin was delicious and just the sweet treat I needed on a Friday afternoon (especially as I did a 9 hr day!!).

  3. Then after that I decided (foolishly) to put away the clean washing that was hanging in our flat. I wish I had taken a picture to show you but we have been surrounded by drying horses draped in bedding all week and I finally got tired of walking round them! Let me tell you though, trying to fold up a king-size bed sheet by yourself is not easy!
  4. So finally, after preparing my lunch and tidying up, I ate breakfast (I thought I had a picture but my camera must have eaten it! So here is a pic from the internet)…..well I wolfed down breakfast as I was absolutely STARVING! I normally eat at 8 in the mornings but today I didn’t eat until 8.30 (shock!). I know that half an hour isn’t a major wait but when you looooove breakfast as much as I do it was torture delaying it! I had a massive bowl of Shreddies with cold milk – cereal really is lovely in the morning! This was definitely needed after my busy morning.

And to rock my domestic goddessness (is that even a word??) I wore a nice dress to work. I love this dress, it’s such a simple cut yet looks great. It was a little short for work but as they say ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ – recently I’ve been growing to like my body more so I thought why not!

For dinner this evening I had my second salad of the day – Rice Salad. This is a much more substantial salad than the one I had for lunch, probably the only reason why the BF will eat it – it has rice, beans, bacon and chicken in (got to get the meat in!) and we have it with pitta bread. I was actually craving bread all day after my salad! When I have a salad at lunch I really miss my carbs and have been known to get home and cut hunks off the bread we have to satisfy myself!!

Rice Salad

There isn’t really a recipe for this as you can use whatever you want. You can choose to add meat or not as well so can easily be a vegetarian dish – below are a few suggestions:

  • Rice – long grain / wild rice
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Beans – whatever type you want
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Bacon
  • Chicken
  • Pepper
  • Sweetcorn
  • Anything else you want!