I am soooooooo pleased with myself as I’ve just run my first proper 5k distance. It wasn’t a real race, I just suddenly decided at work today to do a 5k run when I got home. I went on Map my Run to plot myself a little route around where I live. Here is is (sorry it’s so big!):

I live where the green arrow is so went out of my road and to the left. I thought I would go that way as I would get the big hill out of the way first! It wasn’t too bad actually, I must be getting fitter as that hill has sapped me of all energy before yet today I was fine afterwards. I am really pleased with my time as well – I did it in 30.17 mins. I was hoping to do it in 30 mins so I pretty much did it on the nose! I think that this is good preparation for the Race for Life on 20th June. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it a bit quicker than this on the day though.

And, to make me even happier,  in a previous post I said that I had run 9.5 km last week….this isn’t true. Being as stupid as I am (!) I just added my mile runs (on the road) with my km runs (in the gym) and made it 9.5km. No silly! I actually ran 11.94km / 7.4m last week, even better!!

So the reason I have got into running is for two reasons – 1. To improve my fitness and work towards racing some 5 kms, 2. So I can maintain a healthy balance in my eating and allow myself TREATS!

When I got back from my run my wonderful bf had cooked a lovely dinner of  pasta with a bacon, pepper and cherry tomato sauce.

This is just what I needed after a long(ish) run – carbs!! My portion consisted of two ladlefuls of the dish with a lot of Parmesan on top. I am such a cheese fiend! Then, after a quick rest, I moved onto my treat – a chocolate fridge cake from Marks & Spencer.

As it was the bf’s birthday on Saturday he bought a load of treats from M & S to take into work today. When I saw these yesterday I really wanted one there and then! And being even more wonderful he saved me one! He wrapped it in three layers of tissues and transported it home via the gym and a bus journey. Look how cute it is all wrapped up, he even stapled it together!

All wrapped up!

It was so good, I could have eaten about 3 of them! And they are only 205 cals, brilliant! It was a mixture of chocolate, broken up digestive biscuits and raisins with a layer of chocolate on top. Yum!! And as I had done my fabulous run I didn’t feel bad one bit – everything in moderation!

Finally I got even more treats today…non food ones, but good anyway!

My work colleague is moving to the US in a week so was selling his Sat Nav – a Tom Tom One. I bought it from him for £45, not too bad I don’t think. I’m so excited as I’ve wanted one for ages and my parents have refused to buy one for me! I also had to buy new hair straighteners today as our old ones died this morning (why do these things always come at the same time!) – I got some Babyliss 203 from Boots. There was a huge selection to choose from and I’m not sure if I got the best ones but they are a respected brand so I’m sure they will be. I also picked up a free copy of the Boots magazine that is free to Advantage Card holders. I love magazines, especially if they’re free and even better, it’s about health and beauty. I’ll have to do a little review of this at the same time as my Zest review…it is coming soon!