I’m so tired as I haven’t stopped today. I’ve just finished my dinner, at 8.30pm, which is so late for me. So what have I been doing today…..

Well we went to the gym this morning and I did a great workout. I ran for 20.10 mins at 9 km/hr on the treadmill and covered 3km. I was quite proud of this as I have done a lot of running this week, both outside and in the gym. Over 4 sessions I’ve run 9.5km this week. This probably doesn’t seem very far compared to some people’s weekly distance but for me it is quite an achievement. I’m only going to run 3 days next week but hopefully I’ll do about 7km.

So after a good gym session I came back, showered, then did my share of cleaning the flat. I do all of the hoovering and dusting and this week I had to change the bed sheets. This was a workout in itself!! They do say that housework is a good form of exercise and after an hour of it I was hungry!

For lunch I made myself a really nice omelette (if you want a recipe for an omelette click here!) In it there was: cheese, ham, broccoli, a tomato and 3 mushrooms.

It was really nice and actually filled me up! I love omelettes as they are so versatile – you can add anything in that you want to. Plus they are made with eggs which are good for you!

Then in the afternoon, the choir that I sing with (the RSCM Chamber Choir) had a performance in All Saints Church, Leighton Buzzard.

I packed some healthy snacks for the (80 mile round trip!) journey there and back – a banana and a pot of mixed nuts and raisins.

In my car!

There was a time when I would pack a chocolate bar or crisps to snack on but I’ve really tried to make an effort to buy healthy snacks so I’m not tempted my all the bad treats in my cupboards. Maybe I need to have a treat bag like Jenna!

The concert went really well and I really enjoyed myself. It got me thinking that I might have to going a church choir near where I live as I like it so much. I then thought that I should see if I can find a group that needs a flautist as well as I REALLY need to get playing again.

Anyway, random thoughts aside (!), when I got back I had two slices of seeded bread with peanut butter on and a little bit of the remaining Easter Egg that’s in our fridge (yes we still have some!)

I’m very pleased with what I’ve eaten today and the fact that I’ve managed to do a good deal of running. Now I think I’m going to relax in bed with the bf and enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening!

Me blogging away!