I’ve just got back from a very nice weekend at home. My bf went to Brighton with his friends for the whole weekend so I took this as an opportunity to visit the folks! It was really good to see my mum and dad and my brother came down with his girlfriend. We went to the pub on Friday night, where I had 2 much needed gin and tonics! (!), and had a good gossip. Then on Saturday I went to Waitrose with my mum. I love going there, especially because the one she goes to has the Quick Check service so you scan the barcodes with your own personal scanner as you go round. I love it!! We then picked up my brother and his girlfriend from the station before going out in the evening to a concert he was playing in. He had won a competition to compose a piece for Bedford Town Band and it got it’s world premier on Sat night!

My bro is the middle one

Then on Sunday I went to church in the morning (my dad was preaching, it was really good), ate a quick roast dinner (yum!), then went to a choir rehearsal with my mum. We had great fun together!

So after a quick recap of my weekend, on Friday evening. I was home alone when I got in as my parents were in London. Nearly everytime I go home actually, my parents are never there! But I was more than happy to try out this recipe alone, there would be no questions asked! Before I came home I looked through my Nigella Express cookbook for inspiration. I love this cookbook as there are many great recipes I want to make. I picked out about 4 that I could possible do but finally decided on Green Eggs and Ham (from the breakfast section!)

There was only one problem with this…..I don’t really like green pesto! However, recipes aren’t created for use to stick to religiously, we can adapt them to our own needs. So I decided to substitute the green pesto for red pesto.This recipe is definitely a keeper. I’m not sure whether I would have it for breakfast as the pesto is quite strong but it’s a great quick meal dish. It’s just like making pancakes really – you mix your ingredients together to form a batter, then fry spoonfuls of it until cooked. Nigella says that you can get 5 “pancakes” out of this but I only managed 3. The last one was quite thick so I could have stretched it to another one I suppose…

Bubbling away!

The best thing about this is the rich red/orange colour that the pesto adds to the batter. I love colourful food so much and this dish is certainly that. In my “pancakes” I had ham, cheese, then ham AND cheese! I really enjoyed it for my dinner and was very satisfied afterwards. Three was a good amount for me but if you do manage to get 5 out of the batter, maybe split them with a friend…..unless you want them all to yourself! (And I wouldn’t blame you for that!)

Red Eggs and Ham (Makes 4 – 5 / Taken from Nigella Express)

  • 100ml milk
  • 75g red pesto
  • 1 egg
  • 75g flour
  • 5 slices of ham
  1. In a jug, whisk together the milk, pesto, egg and flour until combined.

    Ready to be mixed...

    ...all mixed

  2. Oil a frying pan and place over a medium heat.
  3. Ladle in approx 100ml of the batter, swirling it instantly to thinly cover the pan.
  4. Leave to cook until the top becomes dry and the edges lift away. Then flip it over to cook the other side.

    Cooked and ready!

  5. Place on a plate whilst you repeat the process until the batter is used up. Layer the ‘pancakes’ between sheets of baking paper.
  6. When all are cooked, place a slice of ham in each then roll up or fold, whatever you want. Enjoy!