I’ve been at home this weekend, which I love, but it has got me thinking about a few things. Why is it that when I go home I feel that it is ok to indulge? At home there are always a few tins full of homemade cakes, a cupboard full of chocolate treats and a biscuit tin full of biscuits. I find it very difficult to resist and, as I try not to indulge in them too much, I feel as if I have to try one of everything! I always tell myself that it is ok as I am only home for a few days and I’ll soon be back to my ‘normal’ healthy eating. But is this the best attitude to have? I don’t think that a little indulgence, maybe a slice of cake at lunch or a pudding at dinner, is bad for me at all but the fact that I have over indulged, by having treats at every meal, somewhat disappoints me. I seem to lose all self-will at home and my eyes are bigger than my stomach! It is very interesting how I ‘allow’ myself to eat more at home, like it’s some sort of comfort to me. Maybe it is, maybe I link home with food…

Thinking about it, our family life does somewhat revolve around food. We always have a big dinner followed by pudding on Saturday and a roast followed by dessert on Sunday. My mum always has a pudding or cake on hand that we can enjoy if we want. We usually celebrate birthdays, family occasions and family meetings by going out for a meal, usually a 3 course one. These are all reasons why I must associate home with food and maybe why I feel I can indulge.

Do any of you feel like you eat differently when you go back to your parent’s house(s)? If so, why?