Yesterday the bf and I spent a lovely day in London. As it is a bank holiday this weekend we have decided to make it as action packed as we can. This is unusual for us as we are so used to bumming around at home!! The day didn’t start off too well though as the station we normally leave from was closed – how annoying! Why do they always decide to do engineering work on a bank holiday, it is the busiest weekend of the year! So we had to walk for 10 mins to another station. THEN, my card wouldn’t work when I tried to buy my ticket. I was so worried but then I realized that I had no money on it as all the direct debits I have came out as it was the first of the month. But luckily the bf stepped in to save the day and paid for it, and everything else actually!!

But once we had got to London the day got so much better. We went to the Natural History Museum first and spent a lot of time there.

The main reason we went there was to visit the Darwin Centre. The bf studied zoology at uni and is really interested in Darwin and evolution etc. However, there was so much to see before that, that we didn’t actually make it to the exhibition! We looked round the Green Zone (Birds / Insects etc),

then around the Dinosaur exhibition

and then the Blue Zone (Mammals).

So cute! - Pygmy Shrew

It was all really interesting and I think we spent about 3 hrs there in total.

After looking round, we had lunch in the café there. I had a chicken, red pepper and basil flatbread and shared a bag of crisps with the bf. They were salt and pepper flavour and were actually really peppery! The flatbread was nice though, just what I needed after a morning on my feet.

Then for dessert we went to Ben’s Cookies.

I actually LOVE this place! I first heard about it when my friends at work ordered some. They were so nice so the next time I was in London I went to their shop in Covent Garden and bought 7 of them! I think we devoured them in 2 days!! So I was really looking forward to going there again. Luckily we found one in South Kensington, near the museum, so went there. We both had a cookie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh I wish I had taken a picture for you, it was absolutely AMAZING!! I had a white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie, which was lush. I’m glad I only had one scoop as well as it was really sweet and quite sickly!

For the rest of the day we did a bit of shopping. As my card wasn’t working I didn’t buy very much. In fact I only got one T Shirt from H&M. It looks like this:

There was so much stuff I could have got but I didn’t actually feel like buying anything else. We are planning to hit up MK on the next bank holiday and do a big shop there so hopefully I’ll be more in the shopping mood then!

We left London at 7pm, after waiting in the rain for half an hour! My shoes were so soggy! We were both quite tired and hungry so when we got back we drove to this really cute Pizzaria in Gordon’s Hill. It is joined onto the station and is amazing. We ordered a 12 inch pizza and garlic bread for just over £10. How good is that!! It was just what I needed. The pizza was quite hot so I chugged down a lot of water! I had 2 pizza slices (one was massive so it prob counts as 2 bits!) snd 3 bits of garlic bread. I didn’t feel bad either as I so needed it! For the rest of the evening we watched Flashforward – anyone else love that show? I think it’s getting axed in the US but not over here……I hope not, I love it so much.

I had a really great day and didn’t let my food hang-ups ruin it. In the past I wouldn’t have wanted to eat at random times or eat ice cream and cookies then pizza. Now I don’t mind (as much) and try so hard not to make a big deal of it. I think my bf really appreciated it!!