I’ve decided to start blogging more about my life and feelings. I want this blog to become a food blog AND a life blog – I’m so greedy! I want to show that cooking and baking your own food goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy and balanced life. I’ll be making a change to the banner as well soon to incorporate the new ‘LIVE’ motto – I hope you all like the new change.

So today, I’ll be blogging a few random things that I’ve seen on the blog world recently.

Randomness No 1

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” (John Gunther). I saw this quote on Jane’s blog and it describes my outlook on breakfast so well! I really look forward to breakfast each morning. It’s weird as I NEVER used to eat cereal, only a slice of toast or a banana. Now I love eating a big bowl of cereal with cold milk, it’s so refreshing. I swear I have double the normal amount of cereal that is recommended. Who can eat only 30g of cereal and be satisfied??? My cereal of choice is usually Shreddies or a bowl of Homemade Museli, but I do love granola, Cheerios, Weetabix as well. Too much choice!

Randomness No 2

I’ve thought of a name for my cake making business / bakery – Sweet Treats and Eats. I bet this name is already taken on someone’s blog as I can’t have plucked it out of thin air…….

[Update 30/4 – I did a Google Search and didn’t find anyone else that is already using this name, great! So I officially copywrite this name as my own!]

Randomness No 3

Here are two pictures of the food that we had at my work’s birthday ‘celebrations’ last week at Towcester Racecourse. I have taken these from my friend. Unfortunately she forgot to photograph the starter – cold salmon topped with a slice of smoked salmon and served with a creamy sauce – or the fab cheeseboard but she did take these great shots.

Main Course - Lamb with potato, vegetables and gravy

The gravy was SO salty, which kind of ruined the whole dish. Also the lamb had a big layer of fat on the top. I just flipped the meat upside down and ate it that way!

Dessert - Creme brulee with a raspberry in the centre, with a biscotti biscuit and crushed raspberries

I really loved this dessert! I would never order a creme brulee in a restaurant as I don’t think I really like them but I was proved wrong – I really enjoyed it. It was just right, the right amount of caramelization and eggy custard! The crushed raspberries were also amazing. Again, not a fruit of choice but I loved them!

Randomness No 4

I will soon be posting a Life List and a little get to know me survey that I’ve seen all over the blog world recently. Keep reading to find out much more about ME!