Hi guys, don’t panic I am still alive! I have no idea where this last week has gone and can’t believe it’s Sunday again. This time last week I was covered in flour making my cake for work! Since then life has been so busy and I haven’t had time to stop. On the Monday night I iced my cake, on Tuesday it was the ‘celebrations’ and I was out all evening, on Wednesday I was so tired from the night before so went to bed early, on Thursday I went to the gym and was then so tired out and on Friday it was press day at work so I didn’t get home until 7pm – just enough time to eat, wash up and then sleep!

So as you can see I haven’t had much time to cook or bake. My bf has done most of the cooking this week and I am so grateful to him for that. He supports me so well. I think the only thing I cooked last week was Toad in the Hole. I didn’t take ‘step-by-step’ pictures so can’t do a full post on that but I will do the next time I make it. It’s pretty easy actually, just whip up a batter, pour over sausages and cook! Here is a picture for you:

I added some onion into the batter as I thought that this would be a good addition – it was but it was too oniony for me. Next time I might just fry some separately or make an onion gravy.

I will be cooking much more this week and hope to post more regularly. I also hope to catch up on all your fabulous blogs too. Sorry I haven’t been commenting as much as normal, I am still reading, even if I’m not commenting.

I have been struggling a bit with food this week. We had a big and quite rich meal on Tuesday night, which I loved, but after eating that, big portions of food in the evenings and a lot of chocolate and cake I am feeling very unhealthy. I am also lacking motivation with the gym and have only gone twice this week. Granted, today was a good hard session but I can’t just go once a week, it’s not worth it. I was going to go for a run yesterday morning but wanted to stay in bed instead. I know a little bit of indulgence is ok for me but I feel I’ve been indulging ever since Easter. And we still haven’t got through all the chocolate in the fridge! So this week I am going to eat more fruit and veg and control my portion sizes. I will also do more exercise and try to stay away from the chocolate until next weekend. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better about myself then!

I am also going to drink more water throughout the day. I’ve noticed that I only drink about 2 glasses of water at work and always come home with a headache. So to get more water in me I have brought this:

1.5l Water

If I drink all of this I will need to make time for loo breaks! But instead of thinking ‘oh I have to go all the way upstairs to get a drink and if I go I have to make everyone else one’ I can just get it from my bottle. Hopefully this will keep me hydrated, less hungry and give me more energy when I get home.

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend!