Here is the second part of my commissioned cake story – the ICING! (Read the first part here) It went rather better than I expected actually and the final cake looked great. I now have three packs of green icing left over and one pack of white icing. I hope I get commissioned again so I can make use of them!

So I started by trimming the edges off the cake layers and sandwiching them together.

Look at all the cake we can eat!

This gave us a great opportunity to sample the cake and it was so nice! I topped the first layer with jam….

….and the second with buttercream – made from the recipe on the back of the Silver Spoon packet! It was just enough to cover this layer.

I then put the third layer on top and covered it over whilst I rolled out the icing. This was the bit that I was LEAST looking forward to as I so knew it was going to break / not be big enough etc.

I used three blocks of 500g white Royal icing but should have really used another. It was just a little too small to fit over the whole cake and down the sides. We had to use off cuts of icing and stick it to what was there to cover the holes around the sides! I had a cake smoother so it didn’t look too bad…well it can’t have done as no-one mentioned it! Oh, look at our ingenious way of getting the icing from the table to the cake….

Ta da!

…Chopping boards! My bf helped to transport the icing over the top of the cake, then we removed a board one my one to drape it over. After we had botched up the icing and covered the cake that was exposed, I was quite proud of it actually. It looked like a professional cake!

Look how smooth it is!

Then all I had to do was decorate it. It was originally for my work’s 20th Birthday celebrations but due to the ash cloud hanging around over the UK this week, two directors of the company were stranded in China and couldn’t get back. The birthday cake turned into a…..cake! I had a ‘2’ and an ‘0’ candle that I was going to put on and I was going to sprinkle the base and cake with ‘Happy Birthday’ sprinkles. Oh well, at least I have them for the next time.

So all I did was roll out one block of green icing and cut out the letters that form our company logo. As I now work in the design area, I was able to get the logo an blow it up to the size I wanted. I then printed it off and cut it out to form templates to draw round.

I love it! The green is a little dark but I swear it didn’t look that dark on the website I ordered it off! Again though, no-one commented on it so I think I got away with it! Everyone at work was so surprised that I had made it. So many people thought it was a professional cake! My friend said to me that she would have to get married soon so I could bake her cake! I got so many nice emails from people and at the ‘party’ in the afternoon a lot of people spoke to me about it. I was really pleased with how it turned out and it was sooooooo much better than my first attempt! It isn’t the most spectacular cake but it looks quite elegant as it is simple. I really enjoyed making it and it has proven to me even more that THIS is what I LOVE to do.