Happy Easter to all who celebrated! I’ve just got back from my parents house where I’ve been since Thursday. I had a really good time going to all the church services, being with my family (even though they do annoy me, but whose family doesn’t??) and eating A LOT of food!!! I didn’t take any pictures but here are a few things I enjoyed:

  • Roasted Courgette and Tomato Pasta
  • My mum’s baking – Jumble Cake and ‘Pastry’ Cake (recipes to come!)
  • Fish and Chips – on Good Friday
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Pumpkin and Spinach Lasagna at The White Hart, Maulden (this was amazing!)
  • Sausage Sandwiches
  • Roast Chicken with Roast Potatoes, Veggies and Gravy followed by Cherry Crumble and Custard – this is what we had for our Easter meal.
  • Creme Egg!
  • Chicken and Homemade Chips (mmmmmm!) then Crumble with Natural Yogurt (this was amazing. I might substitute yogurt for custard more often!)
  • Also enjoyed a few gin and tonics / gin and bitter lemons!!

Sorry there’s no pictures, I know it would have been so much better with them. I do have a picture of my Easter egg haul from home.

I got a Galaxy Minstrels Easter Egg from my parents. I didn’t think I was going to get anything from them this year and I was dreading getting something ‘tacky’ from them so I was really surprised when I got this as I consider Galaxy to be a more upper-class chocolate. I’m such a snob!! I’m actually looking forward to eating this as I looooove Galaxy! Then on the right is a metal egg filled with LOADS of mini eggs. There was more but I’ve had about 10. We get this every year and in the past few years it’s been jam packed fulll!

Then on the left is a homemade egg that my BFF made me. They live on a farm and are really into their baking. I never knew this but each year they make their own Easter eggs. Apparently they had got new molds this year. It is a ‘nest’ with a half egg on top, filled with mini homemade eggs with smarties in the middle. I thought it just had mini eggs in so I was really surprised when I found them!!

As well as this, yes there’s more (!), I got a Creme egg from church (eaten at Easter lunch!) and a Creme Egg Easter egg from my bosses. Thats at work at the moment so I hope no-one’s eaten it!

My bf just text me as well to say that he’s got TWO Eggs to eat, so all together we have 4 ‘big eggs’, a pot of mini eggs and a homemade egg to eat!!! I think major salad lunches are in order and major gym sessions! Then I can eat to my hearts content!