Here is a little post about the Passover that I attended on Monday night. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures as the room was only lit by candlelight so it was quite dark and we got there quite late so started the passover straightaway (the following pics are from the internet). By the time it got round to having food I was so starving I just dived straight in!!


When we got there we had a slice of Challah bread with some chopped liver and egg (very Jewish!) Even though you aren’t meant to eat anything that is leaven at Passover (due to the fact that the Jews didn’t have time to let the bread rise before fleeing from Egypt) my bf’s Aunt couldn’t find any matzo so we had to make do with Challah instead!!

Then my bf’s dad read out all about the 10 plagues that God sent to force the Pharaoh to free the Jewish slaves, Passover and why we have the Seder Plate.

The Seder Plate

This is what we had on our Seder Plate, I don’t think it’s complete though:

  • Bitter Herb – we used parsely (which is disgusting by itself!) dipped in salt water, but you can use horseradish if you want. The bitter herb symbolises the harshness of the slavery which the Jews endured in Egypt and the salt water / horseradish their tears.
  • Charoset – this is a sweet, brown mixture that is made from chopped nuts, grated apple, cinnamon and sweet red wine. The one we had was quite watery and very sweet! It symbolises the mortar used by the Jews to build the storehouses of Egypt.
  • A roasted lamb shank – this symbolises the lamb that was offered in the Temple for a sacrifice, then roasted and eaten. The Temple was destroyed and the shank acts as a memory of that.
  • A hard-boiled egg – this is a symbol of mourning and also symbolises the sacrifice held in the Temple before it was destroyed.

As well as this, there are some set questions that the youngest person there has to ask. Luckily my bf’s brother came so he had to ask them as he’s the youngest. The most famous question is “Why is this night different from all other nights?”.

After all this preamble (and 2 glasses of wine on an empty tummy) we finally got to eat! The first course was Jewish Penicillin / Chicken Soup. This was so nice. It was basically a chicken stock with chicken breast pieces, baby carrots, leeks, celery and noodles in. The vegetables were so soft and just melted in my mouth. I even ate the carrots by themselves, something I NEVER normally do as i don’t like them! This was actually really filling so I only had a small portion of the main course – Roast Lamb with Yorkshire Puddings, New Potatoes, Vegetables and Gravy. I had a little slice of lamb, a yorkshire pudding and a spoonful of veggies.

Then for dessert we had my Cake and Truffles – they both went down really well! His Aunt said that they were the best part of the meal! The cake was so light and fluffy – it must have been all the whisking that we did! The orange flavour came through really well and the almonds really gave it a cakey texture. The truffles were just divine. The ones covered in the white chocolate were crunchy on the outside but melted in the middle. They were the most popular and were soon devoured! The cocoa ones were my favourite, so chocolatey. The ones covered in pistachio nuts only really tasted of chocolate, I think we crushed the nuts too small. All in all a great success!

I really enjoyed experiencing Passover with my bf’s family and liked the fact that I knew what was happening (due to my church doing one each year). Sorry for the lack of pictures!