This morning I made my own version of muesli as I was going to the gym later. I really like muesli but find a lot of the shop-bought ones quite sweet, even the ones that say they have ‘no added sugar’! I think my favourite brand of muesli is Jordans Fruit & Nut Muesli.

This is full of lush raisins + other fruit as well as nuts and seeds and doesn’t taste of sugar. But I can’t afford to buy this as it’s too expensive!! (oh poor me!) Obviously once in a while is fine but at the moment money is quite tight, so I can’t justify buying expensive muesli. So I am making my own…nothing beats homemade! It isn’t that exciting at the moment but I like to think of it as a work in progress. I have limited ingredients but hope to add more it it in the future. Obviously if you want to make this, please add in whatever you want!!

I start by pouring some rolled oats into my cereal bowl. There’s not an exact measurement for this, just put in however much you want. But remember, they soak up a lot of milk and become quite thick. I usually go for half a bowl of oats. Then I chopped 12 almonds in half……….


…….and added them in with a handful of raisins.

All together

I then poured in some milk, let it sit for a few seconds to absorb it, then poured in some more until I had the amount I wanted.

I like my cereal to be quite milky but do add less / more milk depending on how you like yours. This is so milky and oaty and crunchy, I love it! I think it could be a quick version of overnight oats that I keep reading about on many blogs. I’m sure that if you soaked the oats the night before, then added the extra things it would be equally as nice. Along with my oats I had a slice of Hovis Seeded Sensations Bread (lush) with some Hartley’s Strawberry Jam on (also lush!).

I love Hartley’s jam as my mum’s maiden name was Hartley so it always reminds me of her!

Yummy Strawberry Jam!

Homemade Muesli

  1. Place some oats into a bowl – however much you want. (A good amount is half of the bowl you’re using)
  2. Add in your choice of ‘extras’ – eg. chopped Nuts – almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, mixed nuts and/or fruit – raisins / sultanas / mixed fruit.
  3. Add in some milk until the oats are just covered.
  4. Leave to sit for a few seconds to allow the oats to soak up the milk.
  5. Top up the milk until you have enough that you want.
  6. Enjoy!